Growing Cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers in pots is easy but produce few cucumbers unless gardeners are grow cucumbers with these types of garden containers.

Cucumbers are believed to be native to India, first cultivated in about 4,000 years ago. The practice of growing cucumbers spread to the Mediterranean were it was beloved by the Romans who eventually introduced cucumber plants to Europe as thier Empire expanded North. The Spanish introduced cucumber plants to the New World where Native-Americans began cultivating cucumber plants along with other gourds like pumpkins and squash.

Cucumbers are also known as a gherkins. The word "gherkin" in English often refers to a small cucumber that had been preserved and pickled.

Growing Cucumbers The Garden

Growing Cucumbers in the garden is pretty straightforward providing you follow 3 basic steps.

Step 1: Charge your soil with a great mix of organic fertilizers and compost 2 or 3 weeks before planting cucumber.

Step 2: Build up small hills about 10 inches high and 24 inches across. These will act like a miniature-raised garden for growing 5 or 6 cucumber plants.

Step 3: Choose quality seeds, selected for the type of cucumbers you want to grow; picking cucumber seeds for pickling and slicing cucumber for eating.

Growing Cucumbers In Pots

Growing Cucumbers in pots and planters can be difficult and most gardeners do not attempt to do so because of this. The main reason the extensive root systems of a cucumber plant require more space than is provided in even the largest plant growing containers. However, there is a garden container that has been designed to grow vine crop vegetables such as cucumbers in numbers. a one hill Companion Planter matches the production of 6 hills which require at least 150 square feet of space.

Companion Planters™

Companion Planters™ grow more cucumbers than any other garden container on the market which is a boon to gardeners struggling to grow cucumbers in typical garden containers where root systems tend to get root bound in the confined space of a pot too quickly. Companion Planters™ advanced growing technology feeds individual plant root systems, which stimulates plant growth, dramatically increasing cucumber yields. Gardeners can plant between 16 and 32 individual cucumber plants using a Companion Planter™ depending on the variety of cucumbers they want to grow. Expect to harvest hundreds of cucumbers from just one pot in only 25 square feet of space.

Watch the garden video below and learn how grow all types of cucumbers including English Cucumbers, Pickling Cucumbers and Slicing Cucumbers using a Companion Planter™.


How To Grow Cucumbers In A Companion Planter™


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How To Make Great Soil For Growing Cucumbers

Garden soil with high levels of the right nutrients is needed for cucumber plants. Both size and taste are related to the amount of compost and humus that is added to the soil. The best compost is made of rich, dark organic material made from decomposed plant matter. The best humus is comprised of the decomposition of clean animal matter. A formula of ¼ humus, ¼ compost and ½ soil should grow a great cucumber.

Watch the garden soil video below and learn how to mix humus and compost together for growing great cucumbers.


How To Make Garden Soil For Growing Cucumbers In Pots


How To Grow Cucumbers In Pots

Tips For Growing Cucumbers In Pots

Trimming the ends of each vine at about 3 or 4 feet will increase production without damaging cucumber plants. The plant will grow more vines horizontally and produce more flowers and ultimately more cucumbers.


How To Make Cucumber Pickles

Types Of Cucumbers


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Growing Cucumbers In Other Countries

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growing cucumbers

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How To Make Cucumber Pickles

How to make cucumber pickles using Grandmother's secret family recipe to make better than Bicks pickles right in your own kitchen

Types of Cucumbers 

Types of cucumbers depend on whether they are destined for the table or the jar


Not Much Space?

Use them in Pots!

Unfortunately, gardeners that want to grow lots of vegetables are often disappointed that their pots, even the biggest ones, will grow only one or two plants. Use them in pots and harvest more vegetables, herbs and flowers on a deck, patio and or rooftop. Perfect for small places and spaces.

Follow this link and learn how to grow more vegetables on decks and patios in pots using a Companion Planter™


Have Space To Grow More?

Use them in the Garden!

Companion Planters™ grow more food per square foot than any other gardening container on the market. Just 24 inches in diameter, one planter matches the production of a 30-square foot gardening plot.

Follow this link and learn how to grow more vegetables in the garden using a Companion Planter™