Types of Cucumbers

Types Of Cucumbers

Types of cucumbers depend on whether they are destined for the table like english and slicing cucumbers or the jar like pickling cucumbers.

There are many types of cucumbers that can be divided into four main groups; Slicing cucumbers such as the English cucumber, Burpless cucumber, Pickling cucumbers, and specialty cucumbers like the Lemon cucumber. English cucumbers are the most common cucumber grown by commerical growers in greenhouses and are typically found in just about every supermarket.



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Types Of English Cucumbers types of english cucumber

English Cucumber

English cucumbers were bred for commercial growers to grow an attractive cucumber that was larger with lots of volume for the commercial market, which is why an English cucumber is what you see on store shelves. An English cucumber is long and slender and dark green in color. You do not need to peel the skin as with other types of cucumbers. You can plant 32 English cucumber plants in one Companion Planter™, which may produce more than one hundred English cucumbers each season.

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Types Of Burpless Cucumbers types of burpless cucumber

Burpless Cucumber

The Burpless Cucumber was bred for market growers so they could offer a cucumber that had less burp-causing compounds (hence the name), was less bitter and tasted great. There are many varieties of Burpless cucumber, which are suitable for planting in a Companion Planter™. You can plant between 24 and 32 Burpless cucumber plants in a single Companion Planter™. Harvest hundreds of Burpless cucumber in just 90 days.

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Types of Pickling Cucumbers types of pickling cucumbers

Pickling Cucumbers

Pickling Cucumbers grow extremely well in Companion Planters™. Some of the best pickling cucumbers are Country Fair pickling cucumbers, National pickling cucumbers, Pickle Bush pickling cucumbers, Paris pickling cucumbers, Regal pickling cucumbers, Salad in pickling cucumbers, Gerkin pickling cucumbers and Kirby pickling cucumbers. You can plant 32 pickling cucumber plants in one pot and harvest hundreds and hundreds of pickling cucumbers. You can also plant lots of dill right in the middle of the planter so you can have everything ready for pickling cucumbers.

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Types of Lemon Cucumbers types of lemon cucumbers

Lemon Cucumbers

Lemon Cucumbers are also known as an Australian cucumber due to the fact that it was Australian plant breeders that developed this variation of cucumber. Lemon cucumber is very attractive in the garden, has virtually no bitter taste and is great in those summer salads. Plant 32 Lemon cucumber plants in the small Companion Planter™ and harvest hundreds of lemon cucumbers all season long.

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Types of Cucumbers


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